“Snug as a bug in rug.”
Each of these projects utilize hand-drawn stop-motion bug actions over toned videos of similar human actions. The stark contrast of mediums will force the viewer to compare the two subject matters and why they are paired together. The simple hand drawings replicate the simplicity of bugs while the video replicates the complexity of humans.
The bees working within the hivemind are laying over the video of people storming the Capitol. These two pieces compare in such that both are functioning within a collective mind while not having their own individual motives. The yellow coloring was chosen to relate back to the bees and the collective mind they have.
The ants fighting with a neighboring ant colony are paired with war footage to compare how war is inhumane. Both use war as a tactic to take over territory. Though humans are more complex and have greater intelligence, they still resort to animalistic tendencies with disputes. The red coloring was chosen to relate back to the ants and show the rage within war.
For this graphic, spiders courting each other are paired with footage of someone swiping through a dating app. Though far removed from spiders, we still court people through similar means of impressing them visually. The pink color was chosen to emphasize how we view this as romance while the spiders court each other as a form of romance.
The storyboard for the actions of the bees is displayed above and each of the actions are described as the bee's working in sync with each other and acting as a collective hivemind.
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