"Keep this story to your heart and know that the trees are more than a resource, they are home. Only you, reader, can make a difference."
Treebound is a story created for children that are between the ages of 9 and 11. The story follows a few animal characters and their struggles when faced with deforestation. This story serves as a warning to teach children how important even one tree is for the creatures that live on it. With this, the hope is to provoke them to be more conscious of their surroundings moving forward.
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Shown in the pictures above, this story utilizes a classic children's book template when assorting the illustrations and the text. The cover of the book was drawn with a frame to give the cover a nostalgic feel that will remind children of other books they have read. The use of bright colors throughout with detailed images will grab the attention of young readers as they explore the story. The body type chosen for this story is Caslon. This was a font that was used in classic stories and helps emphasize the feeling of old books. Throughout the story, though the animals are realistic, they are doing human activities. This is used to humanize the characters and help the audience relate to them more. The realistic look is used to draw back to caring for real animals rather than cartoon styles they are typically shown.
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